Got recieved shared

I’ve a problem with the Got Recieved Shared.

Whenever I share a site to my app through chrome it works everytime, even if the app is working.

But when I try to share a video from YouTube, it only works when the app is closed, and it works once. Once the app is opened you cannot share any more videos to the app.

Note: I don’t know how to ask a question, and this is the first time for me to ask one.

Thank you.

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You’ve to refresh the screen before you can access the Shared Received value after first time. I have tested refreshing the screen on App Pause event, and it works for me.

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Thank you, I’ll try it.

Nice pfp though :joy::heart:

I’ve tried what you said, but I have two problems:

1 - The app never close, whenever I try to press home button it reloads the screen and re-open the app.

Because I did the refresh blocks as in the next picture:

2 - The app mainly depends on playing in the background, I made it for that. So it’s a problem, whenever the app function the screen reloads and close everything.

So do you have any other suggestions, on how to fix the got recieved problem. Or on how to refresh the screen in a better way.

But thank you anyway, I appreciate your reply. :heart:

So is this topic dead?
Does anyone know any solution for this?

My problem is that I can’t edit the shared text once it’s the app opened, what should I do?

No matter whether the app is opened or closed, it works everytime! For example, I’ve replaced spaces between shared texts with plus (+).

blocks (2)

You don’t get my point, you made the block get the recieved and replace spaces with plus.

What I’m talking about is that when my app is running in the background and I share something, it doesn’t change the recieved share. Unless the app is closed.

So I got your point, say that you shared this text then your app is running in the background, if you share another text while the app is running it won’t renew those two labels that you made.

Thanks for your effort :heart:

Does anyone have a solution to this, on how to renew the Got recieved shared?

Try to share text from YouTube app, it won’t work twice. Trust me.

Kodular will have to implement an event for onNewIntent listener.

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Is there any alternative way?

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