Gps does not find the first time

Hello everyone,
I come back to you for my problem after changing my modules.
The problem is still the same; When I press “locate me”, my map turns blue and when I press a second time, I get the map with my position.
I made you a video the button “locate me”
is yellow when I press it.
The map displayed at startup is the default map of “map”.
Thanks in advance

The fist time your location is 0,0, which is somewhere in the ocean close to Africa

You could add an if statement to check, if you get 0,0… if yes start a clock and try again after a few milliseconds…
Or use the LocationChanged event…


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Hello, thank you for your answer which I will try.
But why, each time, do I have to ask for my position a second time?

Only it the position is 0,0 i.e. the default position
Usually it takes some seconds until you get the first gps satellite signal

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