Great Now Test Ads are not working

From 1 month I m was on my new project but today I complete my application work

Then I drag both admob banner and interstitial ads and set it to test mode

And exported and install my app

Result I see is that test ads are also not running sometime it loads but mainly it doesn’t loads

One thing more I want 2 say that

  • It’s not an earning app
    *My admob account is fine
    *I created a app that plays sound

And I checked the app in many phones but the same problem is occurring

I also checked the community for related tropic but I can’t find the solution

So plz fix the error

did you get approval from kodular?
if yes try this and see error

Why I need approval for test ads

not for test ads, for real ads, this will show you error if ad failed to load

Bro if test ads are not working properly now then how real ads will work

Check your add unit is and check if the problem occurs only on this particular project

Bro you aren’t understanding what am I saying

Which test mode you are using, admob test mode or testing app in companion??

Direct admob test mode

How to get approval from Kodular?
My admob is ok. but admob ads not showing from kodular. then i enhance my app. now showing admob apps. but app size is extend 7mb to 18mb for enhance. So i want to integrate from kodular. My admob is ok. match rate 98% but ads not showing from kodular. not even test mode ads.

Mainly interstitial test ads are not showing

use this ad unit it for testing interstitial ads:

for more information visit:

and @saluvon222 visit here to take approval from kodular:

maybe we are approaching the whole topic differently. please kindly show the community a screenshots of your implementation procedure of the ads units. maybe there is something you are not doing right


I was Visited, but the said if app is on playstore no need to get approval from kodular. my app is on playstore and admob approve all of my app. but still no ads showing from kodular. then I enhance my app. now showing admob ads in my app. but app size is extend 7mb to 18mb for enhance. So I want to integrate from kodular for keep a chip size. please help me!

try this and see the error

Got the solution when admob interstitial ad 1 ad closed , load admob interstitial ad 1

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