Grid Card View Bug .. Bug on Kodular or Extension

(Developer Tech) #1

Guys… I have Grid Card Extension of Kuszab…
But from draco update its unresponsive
In companion it’s shows well as before…
And after export Apk it’s unresponsive…

Bug is on Externsion or Kodular ?

Who have buyed this Extensions try urself you will get error too

This screenshot explain more
On Companion !

After exporting apk

(Kleyber Derick) #2

1 - I see no difference between the two images;
2 - Send a PM to the Developer.

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #3

I Noticed The Differences in both pictures but Check it in Thunkable Or Appybuilder if the problem Solved then there is issue in Kodular and If Problem Not Solved then there is issue in Extension.
Hope you understand sorry for Bad English

(Davide Squitieri) #4

it seems to me a layout problem. can you change the size of the cards?

(Developer Tech) #5

See layout of grid card

(Developer Tech) #6

Changed not fixed

(Developer Tech) #7

Problem is with Kodular
@KodularCreator @KodeBot @Kodular
Working on thunkable, AppyBuilder

(Hitesh K. Yadav) #8

yes brother i also bought the extension and its not working well on kodular platform.
i think extension developer @Kus_Zab need to see this

(Boban Stojmenovic) #9

I didn’t see it either at first look, need :eyeglasses::eyeglasses:


(Developer Tech) #10

Yes bro
Working well on thunkable and AppyBuilder
But Kodular ?

(Kleyber Derick) #11

IMHO due to some diferences between all platforms, it’s getting a time to choose which platform is best to your needs… for sure in your case it’s a kind of problem with the extension when used on Kodular. Remember that other extensions does not work on Kodular, even they work well in other platforms. It’s gonna be difficult making comparisons with the same funcionalities of an extension in all builders.

I’d tell you to PM the developer to see this.

(FábioESantos) #12

I’m not sure if it’s an English language difficulty, but most of the time, people seem to be authoritative or too demanding. “Do something …”, “I want …”, “Builder A has this so Kodular must …”. It really upsets me that the most relevant answer like this one:

… is always taken for granted.

Give back kodular previous version 🙏
(Hitesh K. Yadav) #13

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