Grid Card View Not Working

i have a used grid card view extension to make a app and the app is working in test mode but after making apk no data is coming . help .removed

Dont post a commercial aia with commercial available extensions. Or are they free?

Ok then what should i do to get data after building apk . Anyways this is paid extension .

You should ask the devoloper of the extension

Is It Kodular fault or extension developer fault

which exension i use a grd card 4 too and its worked in past, i dont know if it works now after the update.

send me aia

Ask the developer of the extension for help or else

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It seems like nothing is showing on the exported apk. But working in companion.

@Mika can you have a look please? it works on companion

No because I dont use any extension or else.

You should search for logcat in community and send a log.

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Grid Card View Extension has a Protection to stop extension reselling.

So The developer must have asked you for the package name and gave you a secret key.

May be you forgot to add them in the desiner section.

Check it out !! If you still face any problems contact kuszab through email. He is very responsive from emails only ( Compared to PM ).


Or that @rajgomia25 got hold of it illegally



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