GridCardView Extension not Detecting a Click

Hi @Kus_Zab ,
and Peter i know we are not alowed to tag anyone in the first post but it’s urgent for me.

I m using two grid cardview Component in the App where one is working fine and detecting the click where as the secons component does’nt recognise any clicks! i some times recognize when continuesly clicking on a card 7-8 times.

please help me to sort it out.


EDIT: Peter if u want then edit it but don’t Hide This Post. Plz…

If it’s really that urgent then why don’t you just PM @Kus_Zab?

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You not yet proven buy from me, and Im not sure who given you aix. I ask you on PM do you have account that related on aix. You said you can access. Its ok u have it but stop on you, dont distribute again. I must not give you support sorry


Just Paid you, When i will Get my Extension. & Please Also Help me to solve this Issue @Kus_Zab

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Hello, before buying the extension I would like to know if it works with the latest kodula build. Thank you