Guide: How to get JSON data from an Api using dictionaries (and show it on a dynamic cardview)

so we can’t get an api from a site we want?

Friend you don’t need to “get” the API. The owner of provides the API address, parameters to pass to the API, examples in various languages ​​of how to use the API and the return of the API.

The return usually is Json.

Help me to fix this error

I was trying to fetch data from JSON response. I did same thing as it is in this guide but i got this error.

Blocks :

My JSON API response:

Error message:

Help me to fix this

@gopi try this and see if it works

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@dora_paz yeah its working

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How you can get it

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Where do I make a mistake? why is the api not working?
mistake (Argument #1 (not found) to ‘,java.util.List)’ has wrong type (java.lang.String) (java.lang.String cannot be cast to

You are getting this error cause most probably you are not using api correctly or user id is not correct.
This is the correct way to get a response from that api. Debug your blocks with Do it and see

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Why was the answer repeated? how to remove duplicates. why doesn’t thumbnail show

The results are in lists , so you have to use for each item in list block or for each number from … to … by … block or select a specific record using index in list



Thank you for your wonderful guide. Is it working with woocommerce API(used for wordpress plugin).I want to take product price,quantity and product pictures. I’ve created API key by woocommerce but i could not succes.Here is the woocomerce docs, which parametres need i use?

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What did you try , after read this post ?

@Rogerio_Rios i tried but… can not get it…

Did you Try ?json walk


I am getting error
i set blocks like this
blocks (3)

and i set response content in label, and this happen, this is not in json formate

and i tried that link in chrome and that works fine

You have to use call web1 Json Text Decode block , see step 1

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@Rogerio_Rios Thanks

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An error appear,
i set block like this

and i got result

But when i tried same link in web viewer component then this happen it return result as json formate, where web component return result in html formate

whats the solution