[GUIDE] How to get SHA1 , MD5, SHA256 signatures

How to get SHA1 , MD5, SHA256

Hello :kodular:oders,

This is my first guide in this community. In this guide i will teach you how you can get SHA1, MD5, SHA256 and other apps signatures.

Note That:- I am sharing this guide for your educational purpose and those who needs their own apk signature. I am not promoting any decompiling of apks.

Step 1:- Install Java jdk

The first step is to install JAVA jdk . Its very simple just go to Oracle Downloads and download java jdk.

I recommend downloading java JDK 8.

To confirm that java is downloaded-go to cmd and type java -version and you will se something like this:-


Step 2:- Installing jadx

Our second step will be to install jadx you can download it from here:-
Release v1.2.0 · skylot/jadx · GitHub

Not that you have to install JADX zip not source

After installing unzip and extract it after extracting the folder will look like this:-

now go to the bin folder:-

Double click and run this bat.

After running a window will open like this:-

Now just locate your apk and open it after opening you will see the apk signature section:-

Click that and you will get all the Signature of your apk including SHA1, MD5, SHA256

BOOM! now your problem i solved

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