[Guide] How to use the CLOCK

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I’m trying to convert a number into time format using .format time. In instant the variable has a value 180 but the result is 05:30:00
I expected it to be 00:03:00
Where am I going wrong here?

show your blocks so we can help you

{Stopwatch timer set to 1000 and enabled to true in another block}

Have you seen the aia file?
It has a screen where I have created a stopwatch
That will surely help you!

I’ve seen that. That would work but I wanted to do it with just one component of stopwatch. I’m not understading why the Clock1.FormatTime is not working right?

Because you aren’t providing an instant.
Use the make instant from millis block (that will start the countdown from GMT ± your timezone)
Eg; for India it starts from 5:30:00 AM.

So you will need to track in which timezone does the user stay in and add/subtract time accordingly.

Note:- AM or PM is also added in the format time block


Ok it wont work then. I tried deephost CountdownTimer extension but that is not pausing or if it is pausing then the label still continues and when I continue there is total asyncronisation and label keeps jumping between two times within a second.
No good countdown timer for a quiz exists [facepalm]

Try this extension by @iamwsumit


I used the updated clockdown.timerfro deephost and that seems to work for me.

Deephost isn’t active on the community and hardly repeat to emails.

Very Nice Guide :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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milliseconds to text

Do you want to know how to


How can i convert milliseconds into " hours : min : sec " formate.
In an audio player we have a block of "player current position " which is in milliseconds, i want to formate it . Please help me to do that.

Did you read both of these?

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I read it , but not able to understand it. Can you please share exact blocks how to do that ?

Do you want to convert something like 1.8e+6 milliseconds into 0:30:00?

There is an extension by Anke. This will help you to convert milliseconds into different format.