[GUIDE] Multiple extension in one


In this tutorial, I will explain how to combine more than one extension together [multiple extension in one file].

Let’s get started

Step One :

Change your extension format

Step Two :

Step Three :

  • Open your extension whose format you have changed to .zip
    and you will see your package in it.

Step Four :

  • Copy the folder containing the package for your extension and add it to the empty zip file that you created in the second step.

Step Five

  • Rename the file containing the packages
    From AllView.zip To AllView.aix

We’re done, you can now try the multi extensions in one

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Nice guide.

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Why exactly would this be helpful?
Will this help to workaround the 5 extensions restriction? If yes, my guess is, that Kodular will not like this very much…



@deanart2012 thanks :heart:

I don’t try it but i think it will work.

I published this tutorial for extension dev , i don’t think any developer need to collection more than 3 extension

Congratulations. Thanks to you,
I will now have to pay monthly to develop my personal non-profit projects. I guess you paid for the ad plugin and you won’t be using this method anymore. Thanks for your great guidance.

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What happend guy’s tutorial ,its goal is to help developers integrate more than extensions in one . I needed this addition to my extensions but i didn’t found it in rush, if indeed you can users of the free version to use this method to add more than one extension, this is a mistake on kodular.

FAKE that is useless, since when importing they are all unpacked separately, which would be the same

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But if you add for example 4 extension in your project then add Multiple extension have more than 2 extension, if it add that is mean There is a problem with kodular, else no problems
I qm primary user so i can’t test it

Yes this method is not working can you please remove it?