Gulag Location Tracker - Warzone

Gulag Location Tracker - Warzone

This app is used by friends to show each other enemy locations in the gulag. It only works if you and a friend are in the same gulag.

App Store/Download link:

Gulag Location Tracker- Warzone Play Store Link


well the UI is good.what gulag means?gulag is a cod map.i cant understand somewhat about ur app.change it to games.AWESOME APP SO I GIVE

Thank you so much for the feedback! This is basically for friends to help each other in the COD Warzone gulag by showing each other where the enemy is in the gulag.

lol what a gut app can u pm me and send aia

well is that gulag map??

Great App :heart: :+1:

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can u pls share the aia


@Saezy you liked @Ekansh_Pandit’s post so are you giving the aia file?

I shared it with ekansh in dm. I can send you too?

that would be helpful