Guys How To DeepLink in App

I want to add if someone click on link from YouTube WhatsApp Anything then My App will show like it shows browsers like chrome etc and How can I get that link in Label (for eg :- If Users click on then In My App In Label 1 it should show Means which link user click that should show on Label

Sorry for my Bad English

See this:

The url will be in the start value block.

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How can I show Url in Label There is no block

Do like this:
Set label1. text to get start value ( you will find this block in the control blocks )

Ok I’ll try it thanks

I did it but my app isn’t showing after I click on link … Just my 2 browsers are showing chrome and puffin

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Did you enabled deep links in the webview?

Yes and it is working fine … My app is showing after I click on any link but i don’t how to show that url which user clicks… on label

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Just do this.I’ve tried and its working perfectly
blocks - 2020-08-28T164006.592

In which screen I should add DeepLink?

i think screen1Because it’s the screen that opens first.

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Ok thanks I’ll try it

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It isn’t working I’m giving my aia to you can you plz fix it

test1.aia (8.6 KB)

I just added DeepLink extension only in this project

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So the app is opening but nothing show in the label?

BTW, no label in your aia

i’ve found the issue.The problem is that you are settign the label text to the start value in screen2.That must be in screen1 !

Oh ok I’ll try it

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It’s still not working

test1 (1).aia (8.8 KB)

That’s strange,Can you tell me what happen exactly.Or capture a screenshot.

If I click on link My app doesn’t show in list … Just my 2 browsers only show