Handler for XML Files

(tomaschku) #1

A Component to read and write/remove attributes or Tags from XML Files.
And also to check if the File is valid. Perhaps this can be integrated in the File Component.
I know there are other ways to save/transfer data, but manually writing files or using, for Example
TinyDB isn’t the best solution for me. (SQLite, Fusiontables, … are no options)

My Idea was to take a RSS Feed from any site (More Information I must not say) and handle it, for
Example in Push-Notifications.

What brings me to the next Thing:
Services (Like here) to update regularly, but that’s already in progress.

(Pablo A. Rod.) #2

This would be great. It is not impossible to do it with the tools we have already but something like a feed reader (or even for others situations like catalogs of products and tons of others) it would make things very easy

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Xml files can not be changed at runtime in android.

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