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I have made my own native ad with my app shown in it !

Will i get any problems while publishing it. Or will i overrule any of the policy of google ??

Let me know If yes !

Whare are your back button

It’s a video player screen and ad will be placed at the bottom

so how your user will be back

Through back button in phone’s navigation bar

so you can be use native ad in your app

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Are you sure ?

yes its use 100% in your app

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if you want to read this policy


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I didn’t use any kind of ads like admob and Facebook.
But I placed My apps in the shape of native ads .

So should I choose " Yes, It has ads " in publishing or not needed ?

You can be easily published your app with native ads

No I was asking " I would show only my apps in the native ad region so do they come under ads ?"

Or should I check that my app doesn’t contain any ads ?

Yes you can

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so if you get your solution than mark the solution

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