Having issue when with 3 dot about appication

when i click on the 3 dot about appication my data i.e pdf got doubled in the aplication. pees tell mee the solution

Hello @shivam_mishra, Welcome to Community. Since it’s you first time here, let me remind you that while asking any question/query it’s always better to elaborate the details. Like in your case the first thing would be being a little bit clear about your question. Then you can explain what your app does

You can also provide images of the related blocks causing trouble. If there is any error message displaying then show it here. You can explain the behavior of your query i.e. what should it actually do and what it does etc.

Lastly, go through this :point_down: below topic to get an idea about posting a query


Those blocks does not have anything with three dots to do and you should use Screen Initialize block and not Screen Menu Initialize