Having problem to get right answer from perticular exercise

I have created different mcqs exercise but im fcaing one problem… When some one click wrong ans notifre must show right ans of that question… But as i hve created different exercise… Its only showing me exercise 1 ans in every exercise kindly help me how do i creat blocks for other exercise

You can do something like that:
if start value = exercise1 then
check if its from the answers of exercise 1
else if tart value = exercise2
check if its from the answers of exercise 2
BTW, it’s better to store your data in airtable.:wink: and not in the app

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As i am understanding here im only showing global answer which is connected to exercise 1 but how to create for other exercises. …Screenshot_2020_0907_145938 Screenshot_2020_0907_145912

This ofline quiz so cant conect to airtable

You will need to create other global answer for excersice two ,etc…
BTW, it’s better to save your blocks and try htis way in building a quiz :wink:

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might this little logic help you
but it will depend on how you handle the if statement

Let me try

Are you setting global count when user get/click questions to answer or read