Having Problem With Variable

I gave you the aia

So the problem is I want to set the lebel text ( initial value) to 1,
But i have taken so many variables that after 1 time running it say unique id error.
& the initial lebel text get set to 1600, not 1

Radiobutton2.aia (37.7 KB)

Please show your relevant blocks.

I had to take bigger variables because When I take two variables like : 1
Other is : 0
Then it crashes after one runtime…

So there you can see i set the initial " lebel text variable to 1"
But when I run the app it show 1600 as i provide the first screen shot

This is other block section

It shows 1600 because you set it like this

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Try this and see if it works for you

Radiobutton2_1.aia (36.7 KB)

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Is there a smart way handle so much of variables?
I searched, & saw that many of you Were talking about remove id block of dynamic component
Can you suggest me a way?

This way you delete all.


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@dora_paz thanks a ton

Its working as I wished
Loving this Community as a new comer to kodular​:heart:

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