Haw to add rss in app

i want to rss with my app …

Just use the web component and get with the url.

iwent bloock pleass

iwent make a list

You are going to need to do some research. First start by using the Web componet to get the URL.

We are not going to do the work for you, give it a try and if you run into issues let us know.

There are many tutorials out there.


i did not can maked a blocks and dont find tutorials

rss dont can used with kodular I am Sad

please help my

You need to make a html parser and it’s pretty difficult. You can check Pixii Bomb tutorial on YouTube. She showed a template which is available on mit

were is it

is it could to set an firebase with push notification to makes the rss more cool but how to connect the for example
the developer of educational platform is uploading the materials to the platform and there is an apk app for students to reach the platform easy and to make the app more powerful the platform must push notifications
how to do that