Height Is Not Changing

Hello, When i register my button using @Atom_Developer,s Floating action bar extension then The Button’s height is not changing

Show or explain us what you are trying to do, as I think there is no relation between the mentioned extension and the button’s height.
You can also try to set the button’s height in percentage(to a meaningful value ofcourse) to check if there is any noticeable difference.

It,s not working too

Then :point_down:

After Button1 Added

then i will click on button4 to change the button1’s height

( ignore the got file size and file download status downloading block )

I don’t know exactly if this will work or not but just try following steps and see what happens.

  1. Register button1 with Add method of extension block (You have already done this)

  2. On the click of button4, first unregister button1 with Unregister method block present in the extension and at same increase the button1’s size to desired value.

  3. In the same button4’s click event, re-register button1 with Add method block as done earlier but now with it’s increased size.

Do this and check what result do you get.

It’s not working too !!

blocks (18)

floating view is affecting it try removing(use another extension if it worked after removing)

But if I did this, I might not be able to overlap that button on the top. And I want to change button height after overlap

do as i said
if it work use any other extension instead
because you are sure it is the problem

I don’t think there is any other extension that can do this

try removing this or no more i could help

try unregister view
also after

I did it but after that my button is disappeared

or the height is not changing

Can you provide AIA if you don’t mind

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testing1.aia (4.0 MB)

( This is a testing project )

Now It,s Working Well With this Method

blocks (19)

if you got help for this answer by my post

mark it as solution else mark

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