Hello Extantion Developer You have Sidebar Extantion Like This

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Some Problems On Deep host Sidebar Extantion

What is this ??
It is extension developer not extantion developer.
And you can make this sidebar without any extension.

DeepHost dont provide any support his extension. And deephost’s extension is not allowed in the community.

then u will have to use overshoot animation utility and some logic

Ok Thanks For Your Information

Many User Post Other Language on Topic this is Community Rules Check Many Post

So I Am Asking A Sidebar Extantion For Many Extantion Developer Is Here Create This This Topic

Dont shout.
First of all the spelling of extension is mistake.
Secondly, your title is inappropriate.
Thirdly, Deephost extension and topic related to extension is not allowed in the community as he doesnt provide any support to the extension.
Fourthly, There is no need of extension for this functions.
Five, Dont shout.

Ok But many extension Developer is here so any developer have a extension to buy Sidebar extension