Hello how to save tags under different labels or tables

hello how to save tags under different labels or tables

Suppose if you have 5 label mean??

i mean output saved tags, to tables, and to label


sorry, I probably phrased the question incorrectly


Suppose if you have 5 tag?

what do you mean?

As per your above blocks , it says only 3 tags

My question suppose if there are more tag mean how do have to arrange in table?

Else you can elaborate more. If possible

I uncoil them like this

What was your result based on this block,based on above block ?

in the first table everything is fine item1, item2 is displayed, but how to display it in the label, or in the second table item1, item3

it should be like this

Is this what you are expected?

click add to table and feel the diff.

tt1.aia (26.0 KB)

Thank you, tell me, is this option the same?
blocks (1)
blocks (2)
and in the label how can I display

send this file, let me fix it…

your solution is also good, just tried it myself, same result
I want to know how I can display the tag in the label

in which label you want? i didnt find any label over there?

I would like to know as an example

example Title 2
Label Total 150 (Save Ta)g

test this and let me know… :wink:

tt1(2).aia (27.9 KB)

Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1: (;GSK-2,100,)
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