Hello, I get this error when I want to save apk "the compiler output error was"

these are screenshots of errors , not because of the package name!

This has been asked 10 times. Please refrain from creating duplicate topics.

Next time, search the community.

I tried them all but it’s still the same. That’s why I already wrote

Click View Log to get what exact problem. Check package name it should be com.yourname.appname , check blocks if any error or empty, icon pic size should be 512x512 pixel.
And check community before post as what @Mateja said.

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I try everything. But it’s not working. I cannot extract APK or QR Code.
Can you examine the Aia file? BBA.aia (1.4 MB)

You have images that are much to big. Resize them and try again.

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I believe you imported a project as an extension.

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Try this to see if it’s working after the changes

BBA_1.aia (933.6 KB)


thank you soo much.