Help airtable list viewer not showing

in list viewer in my app it is not displaying from airtable can anyone tell is there any

problem in my code

You are getting all column with one spreadsheet but you are using three spreadsheet for GotColumn event

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If you still did not get value then you can use spreadsheet beacuse airtable donot work properly

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yeah i corrected but still empty screen

Have you checked the database derails??
And please post your database screenshot so we can see

You have empty cells so no data in app

Also, @dora_paz there is a attachment column named photo and @revanth is trying to get it.
AFAIK you can’t get attachment in kodular from airtable


i have not added the empty list in code and i deleted and tried still like that only

Something else that I noticed, you have changed View name , have you changed it in app also ?

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yes i have changed to Grid 2


See an example here, airtable looks like this

and blocks used to call data

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