Help, crash after install

Hello, I wanted to continue working on my app today after a long break. I constantly tested my app with the companion app. When I was satisfied, I wanted to install the app on my phone as usual. Now the shock: The app no longer opens, it is closed directly without an error message. Only Android gives an error message that the app has crashed. Now I have uploaded an older version as an AIA file to Kodular (a backup). This old version is also published in the Google Playstore. The version in the Google Playstore works, but the installed APK crashes as well. What’s happening? I don’t know.

This error was reported by Google:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{de.softjb.feuerwehr.einsatzprotokoll/io.kodular.entwicklung_app.SoftJB_Feuerwehr_Einsatzprotokoll.Screen1}: /tmp/1642634321874_0.9286359901438526-0/youngandroidproject/…/src/io/kodular/entwicklung_app/SoftJB_Feuerwehr_Einsatzprotokoll/Screen1.yail:55:61: unbound location null

Firstly read this topic

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check screen title and title bar subtitle field, both may be empty. fill it with some text

Many thanks for your response. I filled both with text, unfortunately that was not the error.

Thanks for your answer. I have read the article before. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any problem.

In Screen1 something is missing from Designer’s properties. Have you checked About Screen Title ?


If you can not find it post your aia here or pm me your aia to check it

Since yesterday I’ve been stuck with the error and now I’ve found it. I did read the article, but I forgot that there was an unused state progress bar installed and it was actually still empty. I deleted them and now it works. It’s a shame that Kodular doesn’t give a proper error message.

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