Help error code 10

Hello everybody,
I need some help.
An error appears to me which I describe below:
"ode 10

how can I identify the code 10 or at least it is possible not to show the error on the screen since it does not invalidate the app?

thanks for the help.

Incomplete info.

Pls provide us blocks relevant blocks for the cause of this error, show some screenshots, also share us your complete error message

Do you use Firebase authentication ?

no I don’t use Firebase

In order to hide it try to catch error and see if it works for you


Thanks, I’ll try and see if it works.
a greeting.
I have attached the error.
how do i associate the error to disable it or make it invisible.


It is due to mis matching of pair of lists

Show us yoir blocks related to looking for pair

And it is not error number code 10. Your list is not perfectly matched.

Now you showed the real problem. Please show relevant blocks as suggested

the error does not always come out systematically but also after 10 days that the App is active

if I click on the screen and not on end app the error disappears and the App works fine.
I wonder is there no way to make that error warning go away automatically?

thank yo

Most probably using Try&Catch Extension - An extension to code with try and catch