Help filtering json data?

I am getting all apps packages name of device by package manager extension by Taifun.It return all the apps including system app packages. I want to return apps except the system.
It gets data like


     {"package name":"",

      "app name":"YouTube",                       

      "version name":"12.32.59",                  

      "version code":1232593400,                  


     {"package name":"",                             

      "app name":"Google","version name":"",                                  

      "version code":300745809,                                                              


     {"package name":"org.telegram.messenger",                                                     

      "app name":"Telegram",                                                                       

      "version name":"4.2.2",                                                                      

      "version code":10593,                                                                        




I am displaying this in list .


How can this possible to return apps except system apps?