Help! I need help with splash screen + login screen with SMS registration

Hello Goodnight! I am studying and learning to deal with Kodular and I came across a question that may seem simple, but I am missing something and would like your help!
I’m using the translator, so I’m sorry if something is unclear. Well, I don’t understand after the initial screen loads and the user is already logged in via otp firebase, it goes straight to the menu screen, because every time the application starts it asks for the login or does not leave the initial screen of the screen , I just tried to use the clock, with tinyDB and I find it very simple but I am frustrated and missing something. If you can help me, there is still an attachment!
Or even do all this on a screen with arrangements, I know it from thinking so much I got lost!
Thanks in advance and apologize if you posted something wrongTela_de_Login_SMS(1).aia|attachment (1.6 MB) Screen1

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Don’t use tinyDB and all to check whether user is registered or not. Since you are using firebase authendication, there is inbuild block is there

firebase authentication is signed in

If (firebase authentication is signed in)
Then Open the screen (screen name)
Else (open the registration screen)

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