Help in correction of blocks of my app

I am working on a Html5 games App.
I have around 400+ games for my app.
For trial purpose i used only 15 games to test my App.

UI of my App -

Components Used - Dynamic Card View, Dynamic Images, Spreadsheet(list of all of my Games is in it). And other components visible in above UI image.

My Blocks - blocks (1)
blocks (2)

After Compiling and Running my app i got this -

Result Expected - All 3 Vertical Arrangements (Left, Centre, Right) with different games.

Result Got - You can see in Screenshots.

So, Please can any one tell me all my mistakes and how to correct them.
That would be a great help.

First question. Are you allowed to use those games? Where are they from and what license do they have?

Yes 100% authorised access.
If required i can prove.

I think you can solve image duplicate with counter to select vertical arrangement and created the card view.

Check my block ( I don’t add Dynamic Image )

I hope this help you.

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