Help in drag and drop

hi everyone, i have created a drag and drop exercise to put the words in a sentence in order. Honestly, i didn’t like it. I want to improve it so that when the user clicks on the validate button, the incorrect words return to their initial positions. Is it possible in Kodular? And how to do it?
Thanks for your help.

Please Share Blocks of what you have tried.


After you are Validating the Answers at the end of the
When Drag & Drop . Drop complete

After all condition blocks derigester your components or arrangements and then register again.

Hello, I did not understand you. Excuse me, I’m still a beginner. I think you have the solution?!! It’s true ? If you can help me, don’t hesitate. I will be thankfull.

Please Give Little Time. In India its 4:20 AM

Ok. Thank you…