Help in .GIF images form Airtable

I have Dynamic Image, Dynamic CradView, Dynamic Lable. How to get .gif images in Dynamic Image Place. I tried not working Please anyone ??!!!

Is this related to your other topic you opened?

Put the html in airtable

If you are loading gif from link, then use this extension.


can i connect airtable using this .??.. please go through the blocks i post

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your gif from airtable is link or path??

no… this one is related to this topic

google drive links

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did you know the answer

Use this extension

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Yes u can connect

Instead of link or path convert the gif to base 64 put that in airtable more details

Remember u even no need of extension

how can I use this extension in these spreadsheets (air table) blocks in the place of Dynamic Image

What can i do to load gif images in the place of Dynamic Image

this one is not working for gif … only normal images

how to connect Airtable for Glide Image Loader

can you send one of your link i have to check how it looks when i open the url