Help in monetization after the deleting an app

Hi, I had an app under monetization but then deleted it.
Now I want to add monetization in one of my apps but it shows “you have an app under review” but I don’t.
I thought that the server doesn’t respond immediately but it has been 5 days now.
What to do ? Please help.

Never delete a project under review


So, how to contact you ??
Via email or phone ?

I will inform the devs about your issue

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hi, till when will this be done ??

Hi, dora_paz the thing hasn’t changed till now, please tell the developers about it again. Want to add 2 apps for review but can’t due to the problem above.

Please be patient. If you search the forum you will find some people having been waiting many months for monetisation to be approved.

No, my issue is that when I deleted my app which was under review; it still shows app under review. I want that to be removed. Please read the chat above. deanart2012

So that you can

Yes, so are there many requests like this ?

If you search the forum you will see that there are a number of people who already have an app under review and want to delete it so they can request another app to be monetised.

In future please make use of the search function instead of spamming.

@dora_paz pls help

Please resole this issue from back end

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tags removed by Mod | I have been suffering from the issue. I am writing the issue again.
I deleted an app which was under review and now I don’t have any app under review yet it shows “You already have an app under review”.
As mentioned by dora_paz this issue will be resolved from the back end so please do.
I have been suffering for more than 2 weeks.
Please help

Hi, will somebody respond ? tags removed by Mod

Please do not spam, I informed the devs, now you have to be patient

okay, but please resolve this issue as soon as possible

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