Help in some logic

I have been try to understand how to add this values at once using some logic but have not been able to get it.
I have a list of two items (James 1 1 John 1 2)
my expected result should be
James- 2
John- 3
using \n for a new line
Thanks for you ideas.

will it look like the same? can you show in block or something more?

look like this?

it’s just for me to be able to add those numbers together for each users, then attach the name at the front of the score.

is it come from firebase?

From airtable

can you show us the block by which you save the values in airtable?

As per what i get is you have a text like -
James 1 1 @John 1 2
and you want to separate it and make two items like -
James 2 and John 3

Yes, exactly what I want to do.

after lot of work i finally succeeded
aia -
demo.aia (7.9 KB)
Note : i have added a simple extension made by me for some little things

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I want to use this medium to thank you all for your involvement. Thank you for your hard work+extension.

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