Help Listview display 10 element from 100 tag firebase

I have 100 tags on firebase. but I want to display 10 tags and values. there will be a button to replace the previous 10 tags and values ​​with the next 10 tags and values. can someone help me? I have tried several procedures but have not been successful … thanx

have you tried anything ?

hint: you can use for each number option, on first load 1 to 10 by 1, after 10 to 20 and continue these, try this, if any problem then ask here

or send me you aia in pm, i will configure for you

I made it like this, and the number of lists that was originally 100 became 5. but the value did not appear in the listview

pm me your aia, i will arrange that

i have fixed and sent aia back to you, check in your pm

Super… Super Thanx samiu8336 for helping me … wish you the best…

Please post screenshot of what you done so other will get help and
@farrykawengian when @ImranTariq post then please mark that post as solution

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please share aia or block.

you are right, but problem is if they ask here anything then how we can solve that , with providing blocks, or telling them how to do, what if some one is not have enough knowledge and ask for help and we have to create a new app to show them, so i work on there aia they can learn from that thats why every guide has aia file also, so users can download and learn, sometimes aia is better than words, an image or block contains thousands of words

But but but…this does not tells what he/she has tried.
You are doing good thing but from a bad start.
Read this line:

If you don’t think you should give me explanation then I have not asked for explanation also :wink:
Those are just my thoughts/reaction on ‘some’ users mentality.

yes, i have read that he tried his best, and in my answers i always try to explain them but if they dont understand or dont know a lot about things so i help them with aia,

by samiu8336…

Hey @vknow360 I’m really very sorry for yesterdays replay. It was just an instant action of my staff. You were absolutely right to bring that point { encouraging users to learn and practice themselves } to my attention, Sorry for being so rude on your reply, Hope you don’t mind.

No need to say sorry.
You are right from your side.

If I began to mind things around me then I have to be prepared mentally and physically for big disputes :disappointed:

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I’m sorry but I have to disagree.
@ImranTariq , has helped a lot in the doubts of the guys here in the community. When he asks for the AIA file, it is up to the person to pass it on or not. What @ImranTariq is doing doesn’t hinder anyone’s development, especially those who are learning now. On the contrary it helps the guys to move forward.
If I get stuck in an application and can’t solve it, I’ll get help. If I can’t get help, I can get discouraged, and stop the project.

I don’t want to create any controversy here. Just giving my opinion.

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Everything is going off topic :pleading_face:

If so then I shall withdraw my replies but it does not tell that I am wrong :grimacing:

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its possible with scroll down ?

yes possible in many ways, depends on your way to show