Help me fix property setter error

The error says it all. You should use an image component instead of a spaceview.


check and spot error inthis aia please FfLeaks.aia (238.3 KB)

this is an AIA by me

Share Blocks Image.

addylin i hve sent

Check Last Green Block.

You are Setting Image Height Percent
But in Component you used SpaceView ID.

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kindly understand me sumit1334 had given me aia file i did the same as this aia but his aia was working fine and my aia was not working

blocks (12)

Use either of this depending on what components size you want to set for the last block


To become an app developer, you need to learn from your small mistakes by yourself. If you still get errors after continuously trying and putting efforts, then you should ask in the community. And the most important thing is to HAVE PATIENCE after asking questions.

Hope you understand. :slight_smile:

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Has it worked?

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thanks a lot you gave me correct solution but to 2 i need to change

worked fine

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Sorry but i didnt get you… Could you explain more

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your solution worked fine

But… What?

height is in 2 and i changed to 40

Oh okay.
I put the parameters as they were in the aia i didnt change the values so it was 2.

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ok i not say any mistake on you its not a problem just leave

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