Help Me. For Create something like this

I need To Create Something Like This :point_down:t2:

Can You Tell Me How To create This.
Please Help Me

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have you tried anything?

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First try to do yourself and if you face any problem then post your problem here.

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Yes Dear. i try, this my picture

But when i try to click then
I need to fill with gray color

dear, I try First when i fall then i posted it

i make it with card view and Horizontal Arrangement background picture

First of all create an image of the background you want. Something like this;

(I have use ms-paint. Use any of the best photo creator you like.)
Insert a label and set such image as background. Set the label text to right.

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Here you go:

Use this image.

Or you can modify according to your needs.
Hereโ€™s PSD (in ZIP): (101.8 KB)

Good luck :+1:


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