Help me in customizing my Listview (ColinTreeListView)

Hi there. I am working on an android news app and I am using ColinTreeListView to display all of the news article. But I want to customize it more.
Here is the current look of the app:

But in here, the title is not completely visible. For Instance, have a look at the title of the first post. Now let me open the news for you

Here, read the title.

You can see that in the homepage, the complete title is not displayed, whereas I want it to display the complete title like below

Please help me in this. Remember I am using ColinTreeListView. Thanks

Try using dynamic component extension and get data from api by schema

Use html Or pm me with ur rquirements

I want to customize my ColinTreeListView as the reference image I gave. Please help me in doing so.

In the Designer, ColinTreeeListView properties, you will need to adjust the ElementHeight (default 57) so try 75, and adjust the height of TextHeight (default 18) so try 36.

Thank you so much for your help.

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