Help me in loading the second screen properly

So I exported my app today and when opened it I got the first screen and it was proper then it goes to the second screen and sudden closes and asks for location allowance and the next time I open it’s the same only the first screen opens properly but not the second screen.
I also checked for similar topics on kodular community but nothing helped. So I am here if anyone can help me get this fixed up.

Thank you

please check text field of all components… you forget to fill some text fields…

Ok I will check that and let you know

See that long list

Or use logcat to find whta causes crash

I have read these and checked them but everything is right

What if I don’t want to add text but only Colour it??

If you wish you can pm me your aia to give it a look

Simply disable load html block. This is causing crash

Ok working now thank you :relaxed:

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