Help me make my first extension

Thanks for help. I will try and tell you.

  1. You typed that wrong:

    String final = ""/"+nameoffile+".png"";

    Needs to be:

    String final = "/" + nameoffile + ".png";
  2. Also final is a reserved word in Java. Reserved words are used by programming language itself. You can’t use it to name your variable.


I have changed all of that but it will still not work as

See here how to add external lib:

Above topic is related to ai sources but method is same also in template.
But in template just add jar to deps dir.

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Can you please help me? I dont know what I need to do.


I am unable to install add environment variable for ant, even after adding when I check in Command Prompt it shows no such command ant -version

Have you installed Ant?
Have you correctly set path of Ant?

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Make sure that you have edited path and ANT_HOME in system variables

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How?:relieved: I just unzipped the file and placed it in C drive then the gave that path in variable setting.

Sorry…I mean downloaded.

Then problem can be there.


You want to edit path

Your env variables are like this :joy:

You are accessing ANT_HOME from ANT_HOME variable.

I removed it yet it isn’t working.


You have to add that in ClassPath

Done! Now the error has changed to:
Files was unexpected at this time.

You should re-check the guide :grinning:

@ravigarg , Please follow this guide by @juananton1991 to setup environment for creating extensions:

Im still not able to do it​:pensive::sleepy: