Help me to solve out ColintreeListView element click

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I try to put a search option in my app, I properly get the item when I search but the main problem is when I click the search item I can’t get the proper index of that row.
I mean I click the search item i.e title when I click the item I want to get the link that shows in my block…but I can’t get it properly.

Just replace get.elementindex with get global item_position

@kweng , you can add like this, you no need to catch it in global variable. but how ever you will get only index number like 1 or 2 or 3. and you wont get the component value.

But if you want all the details of the component in that element index, you have to use below blocks.


suppose in a component if more elements are there and specifically want that data alone mean, use below blocks


@Still-learning broo i try it but still not working i want to get the value of the global link2 that shows in my block…how to get the value of the global link2?

@Still-learning when the click the list item without search it can get proper value from the global link2 but the main problem is when i search the item and click that item it cant get the proper value.
help me to solve out please

Can you send your aia

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ok please wait

search_option.aia (54.1 KB)

All you had to do is change your blocks as already told you

search_option_1.aia (58.3 KB)


@dora_paz Thank you so much.

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