Help me to solve this custom listview problem

i sent the data from screen1 to screen2 but main problem is when i click the element for two times i got the wrong data ( when i click category1 items for two times it shows another category releted data)
some one please help me.

Use only one custom listview

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ok i will try

@ammar5287 actually i show different category in different layout by using different custom listview.when the element click i want to show the data in a custom listview in the single properly work in different screen but i have to put many screen that not good for my app that why i want to show in a single are showing but main problem is when i click the element each and everytime its shows different catergory data.

so use a single layout and show the different data in same layout with same custom design listview

Finally i solve my problem,actually i have 5 category in different custom listview in each category there are more five category.i have to show all 25 category in a single did it with a simple logic of if else condtion.
Thank you all for teaching me how to do myself.