Help on custom payment for

Hello greatest and precious coders at kodular the best platform to create android apps without codes.

All my gratitudes will go to most of you who have helped me to solve some dificults ui and the first coder I want to give my thanks in advance is @vknow360 @bodymindpower @Still-learning @Boban and @Diego

Furthermore, I would kindly like to ask again this advanced custom payment using the api that works without restriction to all countries.
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Custom Payment

Please precious coders may you help me to know how I can use web componet to intergrate that custom payment.

Thanks in advance for anyone who will solve my problem.

You can convert the curl commands from the Documentation direct with this Tool into Blocks.

I know about that but I don’t real know how to call it into the final end payment to get sucessfull payment.

Show us what you tried so far.

you mean you can’t help without seeing and how if I show you will you be able to solve?

Are you saying, you can’t show what you tried and you prefer someone else to do the work for you? This is not how this community works. .


I don’t want to research the complete API und Documentation. I will help but not work for you.

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Hello @Taifun have you updated the billing extension because the last update was not working until you gave me the metadata codes so how about this December is the extension working or still has a bug like always?

Its not a bug, because as of now, all stuff is manual, extensions cant have dynamic(custom) codes for metadatas, so every extension maybe needed to be recompile for different users :thinking:

i think you dont need to build a new extension for using this API
you can integrate on your own PHP Rest API and send requests from web component “Get/Post” to your own PHP api
“i think php is way more easy from java…”

your contribution is off topic here…
the updated version 3a as of September 2nd 2021 was not working because of a Kodular bug, see again here

and as the Kodular bug has been fixed meanwhile, the version 3a also works fine now…

I hope, your own projects are always bug free… :partying_face: