Help on dynamic components

i’m making a procedure to add two icons and a textbox to add infinite phone and mobile numbers

it works (maybe if you have some suggestion feel free to give advice), but the only problem is that i’d like to store those numbers in different tables, one for mobile numbers and the other for phone numbers.
i tried to make two Global ID and i put an “if” when adding a +1 to the relative id, but it did not work

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can you explain/elaborate your query a bit more?

for sure
i have my textbox for mobile and phone number, there is a green with a “+” button to add infinite mobile or phone number, as you can see

then, when i press tu button another textbox appears with two images (the first one to delete that textbox and the second with a “?” to select the type of number - work etc etc) as below

now, in that dynamics textboxes i put mobile and phone number, the problem is that numbers in the first arrangements with the word “mobile” should be stored in a different table in sql from numbers in the arrangement called “phone”

as you can see from the procedure i use a global variable “IDmobile” to set the id of the new textboxes, both for mobile that for phone.
is there any way to divide numbers in mobile textboxes from numbers in phone textboxes?