Help On Logic for Quiz Lifeline System

I want to set 50:50 lifeline in my quiz app.

(Answer = A)


  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. D

When a button clicks option A and a random option from other 3 option want to be shown. Others will hide. How make it possible?

Shure, Read this - by Taifun
And see this topic, have aia to test

May be help you

Sorry its not help me. I am searching about lifeline system in my quiz app as said…

Try use math for random integer from list aswers

Are you saying about random item from list? Because i want select random string not a integer…

You can set the options in list and then use select random item from list.

Is need to check 4 options is it answer and remove it from list and pick random option from other 3 items in list?

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You can created a question with right answer and set other 3 answer random from list answer

Sorry didn’t got you

OK… i’m go with other idea.
Created 2 files. File 1 contains all Question and Answer. File 2 contains Right Answer.
After pick over the answer check file 2 is the answer is right or not

Yes. I have did it and its working successfully. Here its blocks

Is can reduce its blocks? If can, suggest these ideas…

I have changed if else blocks to else if as recommended


Yes, you can !!
My idea is created 2 file (txt) When got text first time set question label 1 and aswers rest of the labels. Set all label Aswers clickleable to enable. When lable click read file with aswers and if aswers is true do to you need to do else you know !

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