Help: Open Whatsapp Conversation Activity Class

Hi there,
Please is there a way to open this intent in kodular app: com.whatsapp.Conversation?

I know this is possible because I’ve created an automation in Tasker (long pressing whatsapp icon in Tasker app shows more app activity).

What I want to achieve is open whatsapp app to the last screen it was in, something similar to opening app from recent screen without loss of data.

Another approach would be to simply open the recent apps menu in android but I don’t know how to do that in Kodular. I’m building an automation app. Any help would be appreciated.

I hope this block help You

If you need more information then go here

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Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately this does not work for the activity class com.whatsapp.Conversation but works for the activity class com.whatsapp.Main, which launches whatsapp like a new app, resulting in data loss.

What I want is to open Whatsapp to its last state it was before leaving, as if i picked it from the recent app android menu.
use activity starter (or something similar) to open recent apps android menu. Thanks.

Trie with this extension

Attention !!! don’t work in companion, you need make apk

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