Help Regarding Punch In And Out Time

I am trying to create an app where a user can check-in in the morning.
Once checked-in there is timestamp entry in the database corresponding to it (am using an Airtable here)
In the evening once the work is completed the user needs to check out (can not check in again since already checked-in) and then there is another timestamp entry for the checked out time.

Any ways how to do it ?

I have created a manual entry app where the user adds the time manually. Just needed to know if this can be automated.

Thanks in advance

The Clock component, or a web time API should serve your purpose. The latter is more secure against cheating. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment. Is this available in-built within Kodular or does it need to be downloaded from elsewhere.

I have a file which is an .aix file (got it while searching on the web) but am not sure how to load it into a project which uses .aia file.

Would you be able to provide any link or a sample tutorial for the same if you have any ?

Clock component is available in the Kodular. Search for it in ‘Sensor’. :slight_smile:


Designer > Extensions (last category in the left-side Components drawer) > Import Extension > Upload your AIX file.

Thanks Guys. I have found a solution to my problem. I am using the Time-Picker option for the above task. However my application crashes as soon as I hit the Check-Out Button.

Here are the images for reference. Any idea where I could be going wrong ?


The task is that :

To receive the Name entry from the user
To receive the check in time from the user in morning
To receive the check out time from the user in the evening.

I do not want two separate rows to be created hence am trying to use set block during CheckOutTime button.

But the application is crashing.

Can anyone help please ?

I think there is no need of make a list block in set cell method as your only inserting a single value in a single column. Remove make a list blocks(both) and see what happens

Hi Vaibhav,

I tried your suggestion. However, both the ‘Column’ as well the ‘Value’ do not take the information directly. I need to use the make list block in the (Check Out Button Hit Action) to input the values.

I hope you were referring the same.

Any other suggestions ?

I didn’t get you. Do you want to say that the text string cannot be attached directly? BTW I am talking about something like this :point_down:

blocks (59)

Hi Vaibhav,

Thanks. But what your solution does is it always updates the 1st Row which should not be happening.

Let’s say there are two users (A & B). For ‘A’ I can get the entry correct as per your method. For B, the row added goes to row id ‘2’. However when I click on the ‘Check Out Time’ button, the cell in the 1st row gets updated.

Hope your understand my concern.

I am trying to get the row ID which is created at that particular instant and failing to do so.


the above blocks in my reply were just for example that you can insert column name and value without make a list block. For row number parameter you can continue with what you are already using.

Thanks Vaibhav for the response. However as I said earlier, the application is crashing.

Would you have a better solution ?