[Help] take a json value using JsonUtils


i really noob in here so i have a question about json things

i have this json code :
{“cat”: { “id”: 1, “name”: “joshep”}}

currently i’ve been using JsonUtils as my extension.

the question is, i want to only show the word “Joshep” whenever im clicking a button?

thank you

There is no need to use extension.
If only have the Json string, here is what you do:

  1. Find Json decode in the Web component.
  2. Put the text in the slot
  3. Find list of pairs to dictionary and put it to the json decode.
    This way you can make it to a dictionary.

Then, use the get value by key path.
Key path = make a list (cat name)
Dictionary = the blocks that I mentioned just now
If not found, just leave it.

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got it, thank you so much.

mark as solved.

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Can you please explain it in blocks?

yes id like to see also

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