Help to sort-Filter in Airtable

Hi Developers.
In my cuurent project, i wanna add some functions which is get data from Airtable.

See Below Sheet for Example.

I Want only Ticket Numbers which bought by Mobile = 999.
is it possible? if yes then pls tell me solution.

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Sorry, But I Can’t Understand this method.

Here I Elaborate my need.
You Seen In image that Mobile 999 buy 4 tickets. I Want all 4 ticket numbers in ListView like

Get columns from airtable and then try for example like this

I Tried it but I got only Mobile Number List, Not Ticket Numbers

Post a screenshot of how you call columns from airtable

I Call 2 Columns. 1 for Mobile Number List and another for Ticket Number List

pls post your blocks…

Like this … ?

Not like this but indivisually


Either post a screenshot of your blocks or use above example

there are multile ways to achieve your goal, but if you show us what you have tried, then it will be easy for us to spot your mistake.

Pls add full blocks

I’ll Try to call column as per your method.

Pls tell me try @dora_paz 's method and i’ll post blocks

Which creator do you use ? Because from your blocks I see that you are not using Kodular

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i dont know why are you strugling? the easiest way to achieve your goal is,

In place 1 you can use either any text box or any value obtained from any database
in place 2 you can use list view to catch the result



This is Working Mr. @dora_paz
Thank You

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