Help with alert on Google developer console

Hello coders,

I am receiving this message of my published app:

Alerta de seguridad
Tu app contiene claves de API de Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expuestas. Para obtener más información, consulta este artículo del Centro de ayuda de Google.
Ubicaciones vulnerables:

  • io.kodular.therealitylabsteam.Volvox.EditarPerfil->lambda382

I am using FirebaseDatabase on my app but i cant see where my API key is expossed. Is there any problem with the block FirebaseDatabase-properties-Firebase Token? because there is the only place where i write it.

I can’t read the alert notice as it’s not in English. But, if I guessed right then this alert is related to Exposed Google Cloud Platform.

If yes, simply ignore the alert. There is nothing serious for now.


Yes as @asimjib93 said just ignore that click and that and dismiss that,

Ok thanks, will be perfect if in the future this advertence can be removed.

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