Help with checkbox

I linked the database on Google Shed when I type a text everything is fine but if I want to show what the user chose from the checkbox when the selection is made…

Welcome to community. What do you want to happen when checkbox1 or checkbox2 is checked ?

wean checked the answer goes to my data .
if he chose box1 only box one come to my data

Use the block encode the text for spinner selection and try

it is work thx …but I want checkbox :pleading_face:

I get true …



Try to use below :point_down: blocks instead of blocks in the marked region in above :point_up: image


Replace the ‘No Selection’ texts in my blocks(above) with whatever text you want to send when no checkbox is checked


it is work :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:… but if I chose 2 boxes only one box coming to my database

thx man it is work now

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