Help with data organization in a ListView (Firebase)

Hello all, I was wondering if anybody can help me with a ListView.
I’ve got a ProjectBucket that includes information about events. (E.g: Node #1 (City - Adress - Postal code) #Node 2 (City - Adress - Postal Code). Node #3
I want to create a list view for each Node and I do not know how to do it. Thank you very much

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Show your firebase structure.
And your blocks also.

I know how GetTags and GotValue work. But I think I don’t know how to create proper lists so the information the listview is pulling is correct.

If you are using list view

When got value
Then set list view elements to get value

Thank you very much for the early response.

So only one event is shown in the phone : “Natacion brasil 21” - And I want to “Futbol chile 23” appear just below

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Can’t see your answer